In order to provide you with convenient and uninterrupted service, Kismia is using a system to automatically extend payments. The system is activated when you complete subscription payments on the site.

Your initial subscription will be automatically extended for the same period of time and at the same price right up till it expires.

As indicated in our terms of usage, we reserve the right to make changes to the type of subscription chosen by you.

Subscription extension happens only at the moment of its expiration. If you want to deny an automatic extension of your subscription, you can do this on any day before the date of subscription extension. You can reject automatic extension in Your profile settings. Please note that after a subscription is cancelled, you’ll lose the opportunity to use it at the bonus price.

As indicated in our terms of usage, a subscription fee is not returned if funds have already been withdrawn for the new period. In this case you’ll have access to Kismia for the paid period and use the capabilities afforded by your subscription in full.

If there aren’t enough funds in your account for a subscription payment, we reserve the right to offer you a discount. The size of the discount can vary depending on current promotional offers.

If there aren’t enough funds in your account for a subscription payment, we reserve the right to offer you access to the site for a reduced period of time. The duration and cost of access will depend on the amount of funds in your account.

By making a payment, you consent to all the above-listed terms of usage, and also to the payment terms active on Kismia.

For paid periodical subscription you receive Premium status on the website. It provides you with the following privileges:
- send and receive personal messages
- view all the photos of your matches
- view the users who’ve said “Yes” or “Maybe” to your profile
- get up to 200 matches at once
- view who who likes you
- view the list of online users
- view the profiles of users from the "Matches" game before they reciprocate

As VIP user, you get an access to unique opportunities:
- Exclusive delivery of messages. Your messages are the first to be read.
- More attention and messages. Your profile will be shown to all appropriate users out of turn.